Thank you, Stan Lee!

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Stan Lee -- an icon, a legend, a creative dynamo...the man who brought Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, the Hulk and so many other comic book characters to the forefront of pop culture. But who knew? An autograph session with Stan is not just business as usual; it’s a complete one man show. Of course, when Stan signs in public, there’s crowds, fans, flash bulbs, movie cameras,etc. When the great man is signing in a cavernous warehouse with an audience of just a few...well, that’s a different story.

 I should note here that working with Stan Lee is more than just business for me. My first real contact with Stan was as a twelve year old fanboy writing gushing letters to “Stan & Jack” that were published in the back pages of Fantastic Four and Incredible Hulk comics.Many eons pass and when my son was but a lad, no surprise! He was a Stan fan,too. He proudly posed for a picture with Stan at the LA Times Book Festival one year.

So, it’s with great pride and privilege that our gallery was able to create giant reproductions of some of the comics Stan had more than a little hand in creating. As Stan told me when he saw our prints for the first time, “"I always felt what we were creating was art. It's fantastic to see it represented this way.” 

When Stan arrives for the warehouse signing, he’s wearing one of his trademark Members Only jackets and as someone noted, “He’s the last member.” But he looks cool, ageless and energized. The signing goes on for hours and Stan’s determined to keep going, but he has to keep himself and the small team of workers entertained, right? He begins by offering succinct reviews on the curent flux of Marvel movies.  The Avengers? “The best part was my cameo!” X-Men? “No cameo. They did that so people would come back and see it a second time. ‘We must have missed the Stan Lee cameo!’”

 Still adding his signature, the man who inspired the entire comic book industry launches into a multi-layered tribute to his own classic inspirations. There’s Shakespeare -- no less than Julius Caesar. And not just Marc Antony’s “Friends, Romans, countrymen...” -- but Brutus’s speech, as well. “Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.”

Then he moves on to Edgar Allan Poe. “Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary...” Of course, you can find all of the drama, nobility and romantic notions of Shakespeare and Poe in Stan’s writings, too.  That's what he brought to the comic page. But Is that all? He teases Kahlil Gibran -- “’A loaf of bread, a jug of wine’...ah, we’ll get to that next time!" he barks.

As Stan wraps up his signing session, he offers a jaunty song or two -- the standards, of course: he sings, “Pack up all your cares and woes...”  in a fine baritone. Turns out Stan’s a scholar, a musicologist, a national treasure and a true renaissance man. He’s certainly an entertainer who has given us great fun, adventure and iconic characters for some 70 years. Thank you, Stan Lee! Excelsior!

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Art Kandy? 

What's that? As Dr. Seuss once said, “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

So – let's think of it this way: It's a fresh start – a new way of looking at, enjoying and owning the art and collectibles that have a special meaning to you and your family. A new way of having fun with something we love.

After a quarter century of exhibiting and selling our favorite art – art from children’s books, classic illustration, film art, cartoon art, superhero art – we’ve decided to make available again some of our all time favorites – along with some never before seen treasures – in an exciting new format. It’s illustration and collectibles you won’t see anywhere else!

Whether it’s Dr. Seuss or David Shannon, Captain America or King Kong, we’ll be featuring art that brings a smile, touches your heart or brings back fondest memories.

We want your input. We want to know what you like – and what you want to see here. What’s your sweet tooth? What kind of Kandy do you like?  Let us know – and be sure to sign up for our Art Kandy newsletter. You’ll hear all about new additions, the return of old favorites and exclusives just for you!

Let's have some fun!

Your friends at the Kandy Kounter,

Lois & Lee

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